Viking offers a complete machining and fabrication facility with CNC and manual machining capabilities. Using highly skilled craftsmen and engineers in both a design and repair capacity, items of plant and machinery are precisely machined to provide a cost effective solution with minimal lead times.


Viking's machining experience encompasses a full range of materials from plastics through to aluminium, brass and copper to stainless steel, and titanium.


Our highly skilled engineers can assist in designing and developing parts, prototypes and products that are more effective and less expensive for your application.

We can interpret electronic CAD files in .dxf, .dwg and .pdf format. We support AutoCAD 12, 14, 14.5, Pro Engineer and Mechanical Desktop. Using our CAD networks, we can also quickly download our customer's engineering files which are then used to program our CNC Machining Centres.



By sending us electronic CAD files, we can easily create spare parts using our state of the art CNC machining centres.

When drawings are unavailable, our highly skilled engineers can use an existing part provided to us and by taking precise measurements we can translate those observations into extremely accurate CAD files allowing for quick machining of the same part provided.

Precision Abrasive Waterjet Systems:
  1 OMAX 55100 (5' x 10')
Cuts metal, glass, and composites quickly & precisely
CNC machines include:
  1 Haas Mini Mill Table (XYZ)  (16x12x10)       
4 Haas VF2  (30x16x20)       
3 Haas VF4 (50x20x25)
1 Haas VF6 (64x32x30)       
1 Haas VF2 SS (Super Speed) (30x16x20)       
1 Okuma Crown Lathe
Manual machines include:
  5 manual Lathes (Graziano, Colchester)       
5 manual Mills     
2 Cinicinatti Centerless Grinders
1 Blanchard Grinder       
3 Surface Grinders       
Diacro Shear (1/4 x 10' ft)
Halo Brake Press (180 ton 10 ft)
Complete Welding Shop (MIG, TIG, STICK) 





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